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Christy Clemmons

National Sales 
Account Manager

Christy has 26 years of experiece in customer service and sales. She worked with Tri-Tech Forensics dba National Law Enforcement Supply (sister company Rescue Essentials), for the past 7 years. Working for Tri-Tech Forensics made her realize that helping Law Enforceforment, Miltary, Colleges, Hospitals, etc., was a great passion of hers. She has always found great pleasure in helping others. Prior to Tri-Tech Forensics, Christy was the founder of Time Wisely Magazine. The magazine was motivational and targetd to help others who were struggling. Christy is also a NC State Certified Paralegal. Being a natural Entreprenuer, she started planning to build Super Smart Shoppers in 2020. Now here we are!!! She will do all she can, to make your life easier. 

Christy is an amazing cook. She loves to fish. Anytime she sets her mind on something, she makes it happen. Very strong willed, to say the least!!! Her favorite human in the world is her son. 

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Jaylend Clemmons

Assistant & 

Jaylend currently attends NC A&T University as a freshman majoring in Business with a concentration in Entrepreneurship. He also plays baseball for the NC A& T. Jaylend is an honors student and strives for excellence in all he does. His super busy schedule with college and baseball, only allows for a part time position within the company. 

Jaylend has a passion for baseball and we hope to see him in the big leagues! Jaylend will "take the shirt off his back" to help others. He gets along with anyone and is very understanding. He loves to cook. With time, Jaylend wants to have his own business in a field where he is able to fulfill his passion with helping others. 


Kanessa Hamby

Personal Protection 
Account Manager

Kanessa was born and raised in Appalachian mountains in Boone, NC. She has a passion for helping make life easier and safer for others. She has three years experience in sales and over 19 years experience in nursing. Her high energy, resourcefulness and patience, is a perfect equation for excellent customer service. Kanessa's goal is to accommodate you with all your Personal Protective supply needs and top customer service while saving you money.

Kanessa loves the outdoors and the beach. She also loves to cook. She has three beautiful children and two grandchildren. 



Stephanie Acierno

Support & Administration

Stephanie brings a diverse background to the team. She managed promotions & fulfillment at Royal Promotions Group in NYC, after many years in advertising, public relations, and marketing with Ogilvy & Mather and other advertising agencies in NYC. She joined Kate’s Paperie in Manhattan, and then owned and operated her own gift wrapping company, Gift Girl. A New York University graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism, Stephanie has been published in many newspapers and magazines.

Stephanie has a passion for helping others and is very genuine. She loves to cook and bake anything you can think of. 


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HOURS OF OPERATION: Monday -Thursday 8:00 am to 8:00 pm EST Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm EST


Our mission here at Super Smart Shoppers is to save you money, time and provide the best customer service possible. We strive to be the best! Super Smart Shoppers partner with many different manufacturers and vendors. Make us your "one stop shop", continue to use all of your favorite vendors, receive discounts and it's just one purchase order (even though you may need items from multiple vendors). You can hit the "easy" button when working with Super Smart Shoppers. We can be your very own "free" personal assistant (price shop for you, find items you need, provide you with discounts and keep you up to date on new products). That's what we are here for. You can always count on Super Smart Shoppers!





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